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I love Morphe brushes! They are high quality for a low price. They ship to Canada as well, which is great. I have not encountered any duty fees or outrageous shipping prices either, so another check!

I use their brushes every day. I fully believe they are the holy grail of makeup brushes. Along with brushes they also carry Morphe eye shadows and some lip products of their own. (Definitely check out their shadows! They are amazing!) I have not had a chance to try their lip cremes but I hear great things.

As I mentioned earlier, I use their brushes every day! The one brush that I cannot go anywhere without is the M439. It is the best brush for blending out foundation. It’s quick and simple and blends out perfectly! I’ve used it with stick and liquid foundations.


Next I use E3 for setting my under eye area. It is from their old Elite collection, they recently upgraded to the Elite II, I believe all the ‘old’ Elites are available in the new collection. (Also their Rose Gold collection looks amazing!) The E3 is a tapered powder brush and it is great for getting into hard to reach spaces like under the eye!

For bronzer I use a large fluffy blending brush: M527. I use it to bronze my cheeks, forehead and underneath my chin.

My go to blush brush is E51. Again, from the old Elite collection but it has been revamped in their new collection!

For highlighting, it’s an oldie but a goodie; the M501. It’s just the right size for cheekbones and with the tapered edge I can precisely highlight my nose, cupid’s bow, brows, collarbones, etc.



Alrighty, now onto the eyes! I have plenty of favourites from Morphe but I simply cannot live with the M433 and M441. M441 is the perfect brush to start with. I use it in my crease and it blends out perfectly. I use M433 for the rest of my eyes. You can create such beautiful eye looks with just these two brushes.

I use the E18 to blend out the bottom of my lash line. I don’t do this often, I personally like a clean bottom lash line, but when I do, I reach for the E18. It is small, precise and easy to handle!

I have pictured a QUO make up brush. It is their Liner Brow Brush. I use it for creating my wing liners. I bought it from my local Shoppers Drug Mart.

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Quo Liner Brow Brush




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