January Favourites: Current Skin Care

Hello lovelies!

Back with another round of favourites, because who doesn’t love those?

I have a short list 🙂 so grab a quick snack and read along 🙂

First things first. I have combination skin. What I enjoy, you might not! Use your judgement and don’t forget to test a small patch before using new items you are unsure of!

I have never gone to school to learn specifically what different skin types need so I am in no way an expert. I know what I like and what has been working for my skin, this month!


So for this months installment of favourites, I wanted to focus on skin care. I have had so many issues “pop” up that I have begun to rethink my entire routine. But I have stuck with it and added some newbies in, and it is going alright.

As I said before, I have combination skin, some parts are oily, some are dry and never consistent! I have recently had terrible dry spots under my eyes which  in turn leads to cakey looking makeup. It almost looks like part of my skin is not taking pigmentation and it bothers me! I have tried applying with sponges and my Morphe brush – and nothing seems to change. Primers have been switched out and I still don’t know! It started after I heavily exfoliated so maybe I peeled off a little too much skin…. who knows.

First honourable mention goes to the household favourite face lotion.


Neostrata Moisture Infusion (purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart)

On sale it costs $22 which is a great price for the quality of product. Both Cole and I use it daily and we swear by it now. It’s soft, the smell isn’t overpowering, and it does a great job at moisturizing! Light enough for summer, perfect for our dry Canadian winters! Love!

Also pictured is my favourite mask. I should use it more often but I usually fall asleep before I get to my masks at night! (oops)

Truself Organics Detoxifying mask. It smells… organic, but it works. You feel and look cleaner after one use. You get used to the smell, the first time you use it, it is overpowering! In fact, I am going to put it on after I type this up! For me, I want it to reduce my blemishes, shrink pores and get rid of (or diminish at least) old scars. So far, it’s helping with this process and I can’t wait to continue using it and see more results! I mix it with a solution of 80% Apple Cider Vinegar (it STINKS – so you have been warned) and 20% water. I first tried it with their recommended solution and I loved it, but I had the vinegar and water kicking around so I used my own – it works, leaves my face red but clean after!


This little lovely is worth every penny! $20 at Sephora and it shrinks breakouts within days and boom they’re gone! (With proper face cleansing etc) Cole and I both use it are we are hooked!


*Update! JUST went to their website, these masks are on sale! $5 each and if you buy 10, you get 5 free! Rush over there ASAP!*

So as I previously mentioned, I was dealing and still am seeing random dry patches. Whether these are dry patches or patches of skin that I scrubbed too hard on… they do not take any pigment from my makeup. It makes my under eye patchy and does not look pretty.

I use this wonderful mask from Face Shop! I purchased two after Christmas time during a promotion they had on. I can’t remember the exact regular price but I will link it to this post so you can see for yourself! This mask felt great, it’s very creamy, tonnes of extra lotion that I rubbed in after I sat with the mask on. My skin felt relaxed, refreshed, and very moisturized. I wish I had enough to do one every week, especially during winter! Highly recommend this mask!

Alright! That’s it for today!

Thank you for coming, and let me know what your favourites are!




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