Perfect Red Lip

Hello! I’m back! I’ve missed this. (even though it’s only my second post – I’m attached)

Finalizing my last degree is demanding! But!! Happy news! I graduate in 114 days… but who’s counting?! With graduation so near, we had grad pictures today! Exciting I know! As I await the proofs and hope my smile and hair turn out the way I wish, I will share my look from that day!

I debated multiple different looks, and if I had the chance I would have done every single one for each picture, but the photographer was already behind. 😉 I went with my favourite red lip and a simple gold semi-smokey eye. I loved it in the mirror, in my phone and in person! Of course when I saw small proofs of the pictures, I regretted every beauty decision I made that morning. But enough ranting, let’s keep this one short!

With Valentines Day coming up quick, I recommend this one!

Alrighty! So my all time, FAVOURITE, red, liquid lipstick is…


It’s BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Glory!

I got this in the summer and have loved it ever since. It does feel drying, but it stays on through multiple drinks and dries fairly smooth. If you exfoliate before hand and apply (and let dry) a lip balm or oil you will be fine! Just like any other brand! AND it’s only $8!!! I’ll leave a link below for you to get it yourself!

It claims to be

  • Long wearing  Check!
  • Full coverage   Check!
  • Soft Matte   Check! I love the finish!
  • No smudge, budge or transfer!   Check! I don’t notice the colour bleed like I do with other brands, and it doesn’t transfer, unless wet or oily from food! 


bh Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

Have you tried it? What is your favourite red lipstick? Let me know below!



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