Date Night Makeup


I hope everyone had a great month! I love and hate February. I love it because of Valentines Day! A special day designated to express your love, and while I agree with everyone that you shouldn’t need a day to show your love for one another, some people do. I just love the celebration of love and the fact that we have a world wide holiday to represent that! I also love February because it means winter is ending, or supposed to. This year Canada’s winter has been fairly “mild” (knock on wood). We had our fair share of -40C’ but we have also had weeks of +5C’ in the middle of winter! So I’d say it balances out. (My dad was also born in February, so that makes the month pretty cool too!)

Anywho, here’s a quick post for some date night makeup! I wore this for the day on Valentines Day, and then switched to a black wing and red lip for our dinner date! The products will be all linked below 🙂





Lips: Magic Wand by Colourpop

Detail shots 🙂 The pink liner is only on top! With Glitter liner defining the top wing, and under my eye near the crease! I LOVED it!




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